Piano Workshops


Excite, educate & challenge your pupils with Saphir Inspires Piano Workshops – an interactive & fun way to encourage a fresh perspective on classical music.

On Tuesday 5th November 2013, selected junior and senior pupils from Wakefield Girls High School and Queen Elizabeth Grammar School experienced Saphir Inspires Piano Workshops. The idea was to inspire the pupils and show them what hard work and practice could achieve. The students left with lots of new ideas and determination to go that extra mile. The day of workshops finished with an outstanding concert demonstrating what a truly talented pianist Julian Saphir is.

Isabella Pye 4VS said: “the thing that inspired me most was watching him play his complicated piece in the two and a half hour concert! It made me really want to push on with my own practice.”


Grace Hillier in 4SS said “I remember Mr. Saphir saying I needed to make my piece more bouncy.”

Alex Moll said that “I learnt that at the end of a piano piece you should not half-heartedly take your fingers off the piano, but to make a strong finish.”

Rebecca Gains commented that “the beautiful way in which he played inspired me to practise even more so that one day I might be able to play as well as him.”

Zara Mahmood said that “he inspired me by his wonderful play. It was interesting that he had learnt a lot all by himself.

Lucinda Smith “learnt how to use the pedal in a special way. When I went to the concert in the evening Mr Saphir played more than 18 pieces without music!”


Mollie Shone said “I have learnt how to play all my pieces better than before all thanks for Julian Saphir”



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...it was absolutely stunning. I felt my jaw drop when Julian started playing and I think it just stayed there the whole time! Inspirational."